Campfire Conversations

Campfire Convention banner3.png


Pete Lawrence (Founder of Cooking Vinyl and co-founder of The Big Chill) introduces his new community and social media venture - Campfire Convention and then opens up conversation to attendees to spark discussion.

The format is open-agenda and can involve global issues or local concerns, across a side spectrum of interests from politics to the arts, ecology and well-being to how we can work together co-operatively. We are about to launch a Campfire ideas institute via our main social network website, supported by Campfire patron Brian Eno, which we will discuss at meetings. 

There is a strong sense that people want to talk and discuss today's rapid global changes more than ever and Campfire can evolve into a platform that fulfils that need whilst looking at ways to structure long-term thinking and collective action in the face of the prevailing swing to the right, fake news and the rise of algorithms and a society that is embracing artificial intelligence.

The Campfire Conversation is an adaptable concept which encourages new Campfire members to conceptualise their own event. We have been on the road throughout the UK from late April 2017 for three months of Campfire Conversations. Locations range from allotments to churches, art galleries to back gardens.