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About Campfire Convention

How is Campfire different? A co-operative network based on the empowerment of collaboration and shaping the future for the better. We meet online and at events. 

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Campfire Convention is a new social network currently beta testing with launch imminent. We are also staging a series of events - from one night Campfire Conversations to Weekend Jamborees. We are building a vital new space, led by our members, which can grow into a vibrant community based around common interests and passions. Our social network is now being beta-tested and is about to launch. 

Fancy joining us? Sign up here if you would like to kept informed about our launch.

Our inaugural Campfire Convention 001.UK took place in August 2016 in the English countryside, mixing talks, panels and thinkshops with music and campfire conversation.

We are hoping to launch our social network this summer and more events will follow once we are up and running. More details soon...

Pete Lawrence

Pete Lawrence, Campfire conceptualist, founder and firestarter



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